Sunday 5 February 2012

Be My Valentine! Seni Seviyorum xxx

If French is the language of love what about Turkish! To the Turks I believe it would be food. Food is thier way to express themselves to one and all, to thier children, to thier friends, to thier spouses and lovers.

I would like to introduce a challenge from Very Good RecipesBe My Valentine. Be creative and the best entry wins.  Remember make them good as I will be one of the judges. I would like to thank Stepane for choosing me to be one of the judges.  You have until February 27th to get your entries in. Here are the links to the rest of the judges blogs for the February challenge.

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Since my Valentine is Turkish I thought I would make a dish that he would enjoy so that means Turkish Food. We will probably be having a glass or two of wine with dinner and what do Turks like with alcohol at a meal? Yes thats right Meze.  I will be making Meze dishes for our special evening and this will be the feature.

Yes this is a salad but the Turks love salads and my husband will love this.  This is Pembe Sultan surounded with the classic Shephards Salad.  So quick and easy to make.

Pembe Sultan

1 kilo of cooked beetroot - you can boil it or roast it to be fancy - you can add it in raw if you like but it doesn't give you the deep red colour.
garlic, minced
yogurt - 1-2 cups

Peel and grate the cooked beetroot.  Add everything else, stir and serve.

Shephards Salad

2 finely diced cucumbers
3 finely diced tomatoes
1 finely diced onion
lemon juice
olive oil

Mix everything together in a bowl then serve.