Friday 15 July 2011

Kitchen Miracles, The Cherry

I love Cherries, most people probably do.  The country I come from dosnt really grow that many cherries and because of that they are expensive, very expensive.  Most people in Australia probably eat a handful of them on Christmas in the sweltering heat and that is thier yearly indulgence.  So coming to a country where they are bountiful is a blessing.  I eat as many as I can during the very short season.

Im not going to be talking about what we can do with the cherry meat.  Ive seen wonderul recipes out there for Cherry handpies, Sour cherry pies, Cherry drinks and desserts.  I am going to tell you all what you can do with the Cherry STEMS.  Yes the stems of this wonderful fruit has benifits.  My guy Dr Saracoglu discovered them and has been all over the tv telling everyone how wonderul they are and what they are good for.

Cleans out the urinary tract, good for kidneys, speeds up the metabolisim, gets rid of toxins especially uric acid, good for arthritis, rheumatisim, good for a few other things I could find the translations for plus very good also for weight loss,and getting rid of excess water.

You need to save the stems from the cherries you buy and dry them in the shade.  Store them in an air tight container.

15 -20 stems
1 glass water

Put the stems in the water and boil for 5 minutes.  Drink this tea once a day and wait for the results.  Like all of Dr Saracoglus suggestions he says to drink this for 15 days then take a break before repeating.

For more Cherry Recipes go to Cherries Pickled and Jammed.


  1. Cherries are about $17.99aus here at the moment. Last night in Aldi they had 250g prepacks from America for $2.99. They looked like c*#! which didn't bother me as I won't buy fresh fruit that's not Australian anyway.

    A funny little story-last year I saw someone I knew in the supermarket & she commented on the big bag of cherries in my trolley & how I must have more money than she for groceries, if she had worked out the per kilo price on the chocolate mud cake in her trolley I'm sure it would have been much higher. I know what I'd rather eat & what's better for my family. People are funny aren't they?

  2. Thats not too bad, the prices must of come down. Buying local is best! Amazing what some people say without realising what they are actually saying. Enjoy the cherries.

  3. I've never heard of this before? I guess waste not want not - and even better if it's good for you!

  4. There is a Native American philosophy on medicine that says that every plant, seed, fruit and leaf holds a remedy, we just have to figure out what it is and how to best use it. ;)

    We have some wild cherries growing nearby that I need to go and pick before the birds and deer get them all. Maybe I'll send you some cherry jam next time. ;)

  5. Cherries grow all over WA State USA. So they are plentiful and inexpensive.
    I'll have to try this!
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. When I go back I will have to adjust to not eating so many cherries during the season, anyone who gets this fruit bountifully is blessed.

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