Sunday, 26 June 2011

Dondurma, Turkish Ice Cream

Dondurma is the Turkish word for Ice Cream.  The only icecream worth eating is Maraş Dondurma.  It is icecream you can eat with a fork, made with orchids and goats milk.  This is our family favourite and it is mainly available in Summer so we try and make the most of the season by visiting our local Icecreamery as much as we can.

Icecream mixing away
I personally dont like the taste of goats milk but you would never know that this was made from that.  It is smooth and creamy and not too sweet.  The orchid roots make the icecream thick and pliable hence the amazing feats some people do with it.  

The most popular flavour here in Turkey is plain, I cant say vanilla as I cant taste any hint of it in the icecream.  Then because we are in Gaziantep is Pistachio.  Next they  have chocolate, strawberry etc,dont expect to find 101 different flavours but thats ok because the icecream is so superb plain is the best way to go.

Here we have your 50 kurus cone

Served in a bowl, 2 lira


  1. I have always wanted to try that icecream made with salep(?)I watched it being made on TV and the guy was hacking it with an axe to cut it, and is it true it takes longer to melt?

  2. Yes it takes along time to melt. How long? I cant tell you as it usually gets eaten before it has the chance. İn the above photo it is served with a splade and it is very firm, hard to cut into.

  3. hmmm.. maybe you can show us how to make dondurma step by step. because i would like to make one. i cant find someone to explain how to make it in english :)

    1. Hi Reza, making icecream is fun and easy with alot of google page results so finding a recipe is easy. I found this link on youtube for very easy and basic icecream.

      Turkish icecream is very thick as they have other ingredients in it that I cannot get in Australia. It is a powder made from an orchid root. The Turks also use goats milk.

      Good luck with your icecream.

    2. Hi Reza,

      Take a look here for more info on Dondurma (and the making of it):

      As Simcha points out, real Maraş Dondurma requires powder from an (endangered) orchid but the link above contained some suggestions for alternatives. Best of luck!