Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Kumpir and Rebaked Potatoes

Kumpir is the Turkish version of rebaked poatatoes but without the rebaking.  It is also the best Street Food Istanbul has to offer late at night.  You can see rows of vendors all making Kumpir for the hungry crowds.  

They bake the potato then stuff it as full as they can with all sorts of toppings.  Olives, Peas, Corn, Mayonaise salads, cold meats(cold cuts) and lots of cheese.  This video shows you how they make them on the street, I will give you the basics on how to make them at home. 

1 very large potato per person or a couple of smaller ones each
tinned peas
tinned corn
sliced olives, either colour
chopped up cold meat or sausages
favourite mayonaise salad
dill pickles, chopped
grated cheese

Bake the potatoes until soft in the centre.  Cool.  Slice the top off or cut into halves.  Scoop out as much flesh as you can and mash with some butter, margarine or olive oil.  Put the grated cheese on next and mix a little.  Add your toppings and serve.  You can serve this with extra mayo if desired.

These are loaded with fat! you can skip the mayonaise and mayonaise salads if you prefer to make it a bit lighter, you also dont have to mash the potato up with butter, marg or olive oil.  

Serve with a salad and with ayran.

To make this rebaked just put under the grill for a few minutes.  Adding a bit of cheese on the top of this then grill it, this is good too.


  1. My favourite part about a trip to Istanbul is going to Ortaköy for kumpir. I can never decided which filling to have so I just go along the row and point at a little bit of everything. :)

  2. I love these and had one at the show as a great gluten free meal option. I like cheese, creamed corn, coleslaw, sourcream and chopped pineapple. Yes, all at once, it's yummy!

  3. Well ladies thats the way to do it, with everything! I dont think they would be putting pineapple chunks on them here but good to remember for when I can get a decent pineapple again.