Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Şeker Bayram

My posting this month has been slow as we are on holiday and I cant always access the net.  Şeker Bayram (Lolly festival) follows the month of Ramazan, this holiday lasts for about 3 days during which the Turks go and visit thier families and hand out lollies (candy) to the children and some give money.  Some children will go door to door of known neighbours and family members collecting as much as they can. Its probably not the Turkish version of Halloween as there is no dressing up.  The streets of some areas are filled with large bins of lollies. 

These are all very tempting, we were given about 2 kilos of lollies from a close friend.  My babies were very excited.  This is a very popular holiday with the kids.  What is your familys favourtie holiday?

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  1. I'd rather be given fruit, but I bet the kiddies are happy! I love Christmas the most, and decorating the house.