Thursday, 15 September 2011

Turkish Delights

In my own country we have a brand name that sells Turkish delight which is covered with chocolate and marketed as Turkish delight.  That is delicous but when in Turkey it is interesting to find out that Turkish delight - Lokum covers a whole range of sweet meats and not just the globulous squares we usually see. They start with the squares with or without nuts, long sausage things on strings, marshmallow rolls to not so sweet triangles with nuts in the middle.  There are a whole lot more that I havent spoken about but will likely do in the future.

This is string dipped in a juice and starch mix made into this

Usually grape juice and starch boiled together then poured onto a cloth to dry then cut into rectangles and folded into triangles with some crushed walnuts in the centre

Typical type of turish delight roll

this probaly has pekmez and pistachios

Mixed tray with the Antep speciality

This one looks nicer as it is full of walnuts
Antep speciality - paste made from pistachios and (honey)sugar made into rolls

I say let the kids have the lollies for the festival, I will take these any day over those.


  1. The ones with nuts would be my choice, yumm....

  2. They make a version here in Washington state that is called "Applets & Cotlets", made from apples & apricots. It is one of those things that you either love or hate. I am not a fan.

    A bloggy friend of mine up in Canada made some rhubarb Turkish delight. Now that I find intriguing! ;)

  3. That would taste nice as I love rhubarb - they usually use grapes or apricots but some regions make also with figs and carrots.