Monday, 14 March 2011

Blogger Banned in Turkey

Hello to all, I haven't been posting any recipes as Blogger has been banned in Turkey again.  I can still post and look at my dashboard but it isn't as easy as it was.  Blogger must have found a way around how Blogger is banned for us still to be able to use it.  I will endeavour to post today and continue, if all else fails I have copied the recipes and will send all my posts from here to my Wordpress site at


  1. Bummer! I was wondering where you were! Hang in there, my friend. <3

  2. Allegedly the ban is now lifted. I've been able to access our blog all the way through the ban. The ban was lifted last night and today, I'm blocked! Typical. It's going to take a few days for everything to be back to normal again, apparently. Here's hoping! Welcome back. :)

  3. Thanks Julia and Chelle, I noticed you seemed able to access everything in your account the whole time Julia plus it took a few more weeks for me to access my account fully. Glad I can get back properly though now.

  4. hallo :) I'm writing from Poland. I have found your blog because I'm interested in turkish kitchen. Why the blogger is banned in your country? I was in Turkesy 2 weeks ago and I also couldn't enter my blog... :(

    1. Hi thanks for looking at my blog. After living in Turkey for 7years having limited access to the internet comes routine. As to why is because some Countries are just fussier about how they are percieved. If they find something they dont like they will stop Youtube, blogger etc