Monday, 28 March 2011

Herbal Tea

Turkish people love tea.  They drink thier tea out of cute little glasses that are in the shape of tulips.  Usually strong and sweet. Not only do Turks drink strong black tea but they are also great believers in herbal teas.  When I went to visit my husbands uncle up in the mountains I was served tea but it was coloured one was a pale yellow, another a bright green and another almost clear.  It was cold the pot belly stove roaring away and everyone was feeling the cold.  Someone was coughing another was sleeping and the rest were all chatting away.  I had no idea what the different teas were, so over the course of the evening  they served me one of each.  

Sage Tea - The sage grown up in the mountains is different to what I was used to seeing so I didnt recogise it when they showed it to me.  They said it is good tonic for stomach problems and for general wellbeing. I have also heard that is very good for nerves or during times of stress. Click here for more information about the benifits of Sage.

Mint Tea - I have a strong aversion to mint.  I cant stand the smell of it especially if it is artifical or spearmint. I had to be gracious and drink this as many eyes were upon me.  Mint tea they say will warm you up and is very good for the digestion and also for the stomach.  Click here.

Apple Tea - Apple tea is sold at all the tourist places throughout İstanbul and the Grand Bazaar.  It is given mainly to people who have a cold or flu to stop coughing and to loosen flem.  It is also good for loosing weight as it speeds up your metabolisim.  I have made this when I had a bad cold and I really do think it helped. The villagers up in the mountain usually peel one or two apples and then boil the peel for a few minutes then drink it.  You can use dried apple as well.

Linden Tea - This tea is very popular, Im not a big fan but will drink a glass or two on occasion.  It also is supposed to be very good for cold and flu sufferers.  Click here for more information.

Rose Hip Tea - This tea is given to children alot for the high vitamin c content and maybe also because it is bright red.  My youngest son will drink this as he loves anything red.  

Licorice Tea - This is generally not made as a tea but as a cold drink.  I will drink it hot like tea but everyone just looks at me strangely.  You can buy this in two forms at the local markets.  The root which looks like a normal stick and the hairy offshoots..  I generally make tea from the root and the cold drink from the other.  Licorice is a wonderful drink, good for a summers evening.  Has fantastic anti inflamatory properties and as most of us would know is very good for coughs and breathing complaint since it is usually the main ingredient of various brands of cough mixture.  You can also see bags of liquorice tea being sold on the streets during Ramazan.

Cinnamon Tea - This is a nice tea as well.  Turns a nice deep red colour.  This is supposed to be very good for those with diabeties.  Just put a stick of cinamon in a few cups of water and boil for a few minutes.  Drink 3 glasses a day for 10 days.  Have a break for 7 days then repeat.

There are quite a few other teas out there with special mixtures being made at the numerous herbalist shops.  Good for all sorts of illnesses and complaints. You can go to most areas and find one with the proprietor willing to here all about your aches and pains.

I will give you this recipe for an apple tea that is supposed to help you shed all those unwanted kilos.

1 apple cut into quaters
1 lemon cut into quaters
1 stick of cinnamon
4 black pepper seeds
3-4 cloves
big pinch of linden tea or maybe half a tea bag
2 litres of water

Put it all together in a saucepan and boil until the apple and lemon are very soft.  Squeeze out the lemon and apple.  Drink hot or cold. 

Let me know if the tea works and how many kilos you all loose.


  1. The turkish apple tea you buy here is granulated sugary stuff with apple flavour. I like the idea of real apples instead. Yumm...

  2. Ha ha. Think I need to try that weight loss tea! I'm a big fan of good old strong black tea (but without sugar) and I also like adaçay too when I'm not in the mood for black tea.

  3. Turkish people are crazy about the drinking tea. Herbal tea is available in a lots of Flavours. All flavours herbal tea 's taste are such an delicious.

  4. Thats true and also have the plus of being healthy as well.

  5. Oho!! Here you posted many teas. I did not taste all these teas but I have many of them. From these all Tea I like Mint Tea most.

  6. Mint is a popular choice! The good thing about herbal teas is that not only do they taste good they are good for you as well.

  7. Turkish Apple tea buying here is granulated sugar with the Apple flavor stuff. I love the idea of real apples instead.

  8. @Custom Shirts, I have just come back into my country and found the same thing. Tea seems to have gained in popularity with the opening of some lovely tea shops selling all sorts of blends and accessories some of which is the granulated apple tea. It tastes lovely but going as natural as you can all the time is the best choice.