Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Flat Bread, Lavaş

During the last holiday I had great plans on making home made lavaş every day but then tragedy struck.  I cut my finger very deeply opening a can of something.  Slow food really is safer!  I am sure I had to go to the hospital for stitches but my husband calmly took a bandaid and taped it up.  It took 5 days for it to just seal and now I have a large scar on my finger tip. As a result my family got to partake of one day worth of lavaş and for the rest of the holiday we went bread free.  Very hard thing for a Turk to do as they need bread to feel full, if they dont have bread on the table they think thier throat has been cut. 

This is very easy to make.  I cooked this using my flat crepe pan but you can use an electric frypan or any telfon pan.  I rolled this out quite thin but not too thin.  If it is too thin it goes crunchy and breaks.  This stays soft and is nice and flaky when you rip it. 

Rolled out

500gr plain flour

Using the above ingredients I make a soft dough, knead it for 5 minutes until soft then let it rest for a few minutes before rolling out into circles to be cooked. I would use about 2 or 3 tbsp of oil as this makes the end product nice and soft.  These have been rolled out to about 3 mm thickness.


  1. Never attempted to make our own lavaş as I thought it would be hard to do. You've made it look easy though.
    I have a big scar on my thumb as I've cut in the same place three times from chopping onions! :)

  2. Geçmiş Olsun Julia, it is very easy just making them into perfect little circles is hard :) after you cook them take some butter or marg and rub ontop(the Turks do that they say it keeps them softer that way)I made mine small to fit my pan and also to fit small hands but you can make them larger. If yours turn out a bit thick not to worry this is the same recipe for Bazlama ekmek, that is just thicker maybe about 1cm to 2cm.

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    I like your lavaş btw :)

  4. Thanks for joining us and for the compliment :)