Saturday, 30 April 2011

Stuffed Peppers, Biber Dolması

I enjoy going to the Bazaar, especially at the turn of the seasons.  So much to see and to get what you have been waiting a year to taste.  I saw these littles lovelies and had to have them.  They are small, sweet and will hopefully tempt my 4 year old fussy eater.

I turned them into dolma stuffed with rice. We will eat them cold with a salad.

The recipe for the stuffing is the same one I used for Dolma.


  1. I like roasting my capsicums to make them nice and sweet. The red ones are my favourites.

  2. Yes mine too as they are sweeter. Heres a quicky for you! Roasted whole red peppers. Some kind of cheese mixture involving fetta and herbs as the filling. Serve as a cold appetiser!