Monday, 2 May 2011

Lahmacun, Turkish Pizza

Lahmacun is one of those great Turkish dishes. Cheap and easy to eat with an unbeatable price.  You go to restaurants and get 1 for about 1.50TL each and that comes with loads of various salads.  Depending on which area you are in depends on the salad served.  Gaziantep usually give pickled red cabbage, mint sprigs and the usual tomato, cucumber and onion salad.  Adana will give a plate of parsley, onion salad and sliced tomato and onions.  Istanbul usually has mixed tomato, cucumber and onion salad with lemon wedges.  Middle Turkey usually just has tomato and onion slices.  I like the food in Adana and Gaziantep because they give plates and plates of salads with every service. Tarsus also gives large plates of salads. Lemon wedges are served everywhere and some will also serve hot pickled chillies. 

One is usually enough for me with the babies having nearly one each and my husband eating 2.  So for about 10lira we can have a nice family meal out including a drink.  While we like going out as a family we also like to have quick and easy things at home.  

With the fırın culture as it is here this is very easy to do.  You start by going to the butchers, there is one at every corner here and next to the butchers you will find a bakery and also a veggie stall. They seem to all come together.  Why? well I wondered the same thing when we came here nearly 2 years ago. It is because people will buy the meat or chicken and vegetables for the various dishes then give it all to the bakery to be cooked.

The other night we decided to have lahmacun for a change and it was very easy.  I just set the table, put out the chillies and a bit of salad and waited. The butcher made the meat mixture and then we gave it to the bakery to be made.  For 8 lira we got 12 lahmacun.  You can make these at home and they are very easy.  The trick is baking these in a very hot oven and taking them out before the base goes brown as you want these to stay soft.

You can use a food processor

Lets hope he washed his hands!
Spreading the mixture on the dough.
Going into the oven

Ready to eat.
To make these at home you need

250gr minced meat
3 tomatoes
1 large handful parsley
2 sweet or hot peppers
garlic if desired

basic bread dough

Put the sauce ingredients and put them all in a food processor and pulse until it is all combined and paste like. Then take small apple sized pieces of dough and roll out fairly thin in an oval or circular shape. Spread some a couple of tbsp of sauce and spread out thinly over the surface.  Bake in a very hot oven until meat is cooked.

Serve with lemon wedges and salad.

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  1. How wonderful, I love the fact that the vendors are located nearby, ready to take part in making fresh and personal lahmacun

  2. It really is nice and easy. Most families cook thier food this way but mainly in Summer.

  3. Lahmacun is one of my favourites - and of course, the price is great, too! :) Lots of salad and chillies for us. Love the new look of your blog by the way.

  4. Yumm, I like the sound of the pickled cabbage salad with the mint. Nice to have the bakery bake it for you, wspecially when the weater is hot and you don't want to heat up your own kitchen. Yumm....

  5. Thanks Julia am playing around with the header so that could change. Intolerant Chef yes pickled cabbage is one of our favourites. That is what the Turks say too, give it to the bakery so they dont have to sweat it out over a hot stove!