Friday, 6 May 2011

Hospital Food

My baby turned 2 last week and she is getting cuter and cuter.  A few days after taking her to the zoo for the big occasion we ended up having to take her to the emergency room at the local childrens hospital.   She was admitted and treated for Bronchitis.  Thank God after 2 days she was sent home and is on the mend.

She was kept in the emergency section as they wanted to keep a close eye on her.  The room had no airflow and the windows were kept closed.  But what surprised me the most was the food.  This is a Childrens Hospital so they should be catering for children.  Im not saying it should all be McDonalds or pizza but I did not see any admitted child eat any of the food. The ones that werent too sick to eat ate what was bought from home.  The food they served tasted nice but in my opion wasnt suitable for sick children.

Breakfast - 5 olives, bread roll, pkt marg, pkt jam, 1tbsp white cheese

Lunch - 4 tbsp tomato based stew(liquid), bread roll 5 tbsp bulgar pilav

Dinner - bread roll, 5 tbs yogurt, small piece chicken, 2tbs potato

I have been admitted a few times at various hospitals myself in Turkey and found that this is not an isolated event. The food whilst tasting ok dosnt cover adequate nutrition for anyone who is sick or pregnant or for new mothers. Plus the portions are very very small. They also dont give water, you have to bring your own or any other liquids you might require. Whilst the hospitals in my own country are lacking in areas usually the food is nutrionally balanced, well proportioned and the childrens hospitals or sections offer food to entice small appetites.  

Turkey has alot to offer to most people either tourists or for foreign people making it thier home and the government does appear to be making an effort to upgrade roads and schools. I am hoping they will focus some of thier efforts into thier hospitals as they really need a general overhaul.

Tell me what is the worst hospital meal you have been served?


  1. Poor little Pembe, I hope she feels better soon.
    When I go to the hospital they insist on giving me diabetic food because of some of the medicine I take- although I'm not diabetic!
    Add this to gluten and lactose free food, and there is very little left for them to give me!
    Last I had a procedure, I wasn't allowed to go home until I had eaten, but there was NOTHING available AT ALL for me, and my blood sugars were very dangerously low, so they made me go to the canteen and eat an entire bag of Skittles ( lollies/ candies) and a whole plate of fried chips. Not really my idea of duty of care at all!

  2. That is disgusting, dont hospitals there cater for people with wheat and dairy allergies?

  3. I've always found the food in Australian Hospitals to be quite good, although I have never stayed in a large city hospital only small bush hospitals. The food at these places just taste of home cooked meals another factor is that I have no specific dietary requirements.

  4. I think the bush hospital food would be better, they might just call over to the local pub for a counter meal!

  5. Thankfully I have not been into hospital for year but for the ones I have seen, it's pretty dreadful. I can visualise dry sandwiches, can soup and perhaps a small serving of fresh fruits.

  6. Wow fresh fruit! I have seen some awful little pkts of stewed fruit and only fresh at private hospitals. Despite the dry sangers with the fruit your doing well.