Sunday, 22 May 2011

Bazaar, Local Markets

I love going to the local Bazaars.  Every neighbourhood has thier own and comes on a specific day in the week.  My local one happens to be on a Sunday which suits me as my husband can come with the trolley we use to haul everything back while I push the pram. During the warmer months they start late and close late, some as late as 9pm.  They sell everything from fresh fruit and veggies to a deli selection of the local cheeses, olives and pickles to kitchen wares, clothes, toys etc. 

I have lived in a few different areas of Turkey so have seen many different Bazaars.  They all sell what is pecular to that region down to what the region grows locally and even to what they think the locals will wear.  Even different areas in the same city can sell different items to the local Bazaar in the next neighbourhood.  That is why I try and go to a couple of different ones as sometimes I cant find what I am looking for at mine. 

Our local one is always crowded, we have gone at different times during the day and it is always full making it into a more adventerous outing.  You have little kids holding thier parents hands, screaming, crying and pushing each other or even the unsuspecting passerby.  The hawkers are screaming(yes screaming) out thier prices.  The women getting angry at not been able to get the price they want and arguing with the vendors. The colours are fantastic, the smell is lovely, the produce is bountiful and usually you can come away with your weekly purchases and still have money in your pocket.

What are your favourite markets? some places have hippy style retro things others have flea markets where you can get everyone elses preloved treasures, farmers markets were everything is fresh and local or the organic ones where you can usually sit down and have a decent healthy coffee or tea.  I personal love them all never getting tired of looking around.

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  1. We have a great farmers market on Saturdays with lots of local organic and fresh produce. The prices are not always the best, but the goods are!