Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bici Bici

Bici Bici is a local desert, served on the street as not many still make this at home.  It is nice and refreshing on a hot day.  It is a basic firm pudding squares in a rose flavored syrup.

200gr of Corn or wheat starch
red food colouring
1tbsp rose water
shaved ice about 1 litre
1 litre of basic sugar syrup

Put the corn starch into a saucepan and slowly add in water over high heat.  Add enough water so that the starch becomes a pudding consistency.  Pour into a shallow baking dish.  Cool and put in the fridge.  When cold cut into small cubes.  Put into serving dishes. 

Make the sugar syrup and cool.  Add in the food colouring and rose water.

Add the shaved ice to the cubes.  Then pour over the red sugar syrup.  Enjoy.

If you make this with the corn starch it will gluten free.


  1. I love anything that tastes like roses, do you have one bigger square or lots of littler ones?

  2. Cut into small cubes, as you can see the corn flour pudding is unflavored so the smaller the better. If after making it you really cant go for unflavoured use a bit of rose water in the cornstarch mix. Yes me too I adore anything with rose water in it too. I use rose oil in my baths, as perfume in my soap mixes and love it in my food.

  3. Bici Bici is sooo gross! I am Turkish and from Istanbul. I tried it down in Adana. I couldn't even get halfway through it!

    1. Maybe it isnt an Istanbul thing. All I know is that people from that area love it and so do I.

  4. I am an American teaching English in Gaziantep. I just recently visited Adana and I couldn't get enough Bici Bici! I love it! Luckily I found a man in Antep that just moved from Adana and opened up a bici bici stand. I'm there everyday. Delicious!

    1. Yeah you are lucky :) wish he was there when I was. Where are you teaching English there?