Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Turkish Weddings. The People.

Beautiful Bride
People watching is always interesting and some including myself never get bored of it.  I can sit quite happily for ages and watch who comes and goes.  Faces, styles and attitude are some of the many things that make people so interesting.  Where else better to people watch than at a family wedding! It has it all. Interesting characters, romance, betrayal, drama, plots and sub plots and with all the in gossip that can put all those soap writers to shame.

Coming from a Western country to an Eastern one certainly is a culture shock in itself but when you get involved in the local culture as closely as I have is a real eye opener.  What we would consider fashion pho pahs in one country is loved and sought after in another.

We have here a couple of little girls who lived next door.  The older one asked me to take their photo.  How could I resist she was so cute and they were such good dancers.

Family Matrons dancing

Dancing on the street
After spending 3 days at a family wedding I am so full I could burst, so tired from dancing I could sleep for a week, my ears burning so much that I had to dost them several times during the course of the wedding and so full of unwanted information about everyone else that I could write several novels.  If you come to Turkey and have a chance to go to a street wedding I would recommend it. Get involved in the local culture and have a blast.

What have you learnt at a family wedding? Who is the best dancer? Who is the flashiest dresser? or just learnt how to duck at the right time?


  1. I have learnt to keep m mouth shut about gossip, compliment the bride, and drink as much as you can at the free bar!

  2. Good words of advice, I try to do the same this was a dry wedding but we still managed a couple of drinks on the roof whilst looking at the dancers down below.