Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Turkish Weddings. The Food.

I was away last week as we had to go to a wedding.  It was a family affair in another city.  Turkish weddings are very interesting with lots of people, music and food.  This was a traditional wedding so that means that the wedding was at home in their garden and on the street where everyone danced.  All the family rallies together to make it a memorable event.  My husbands cousins daughter got married, we are removed enough to not be included in the scores of helpers that are needed to pull off such a huge event.

The food is always good and this wedding was no exception.  

As you can see it was cooked outside in huge saucepans.  One of the Aunts was in control of the whole thing.

Then the other Aunts and cousins come to help feed the few hundred guests.

Eggplant stew, Pilav, Dövme, Yüksük çorba

Despite the lack of fancy cutlery the food was fantastic and everyone was satisfied.  These kind of weddings last for 3 days.  They cook one meal on the Friday for lunch, some just serve tea.  On the Saturday is the main event as that involves 2 meals plus tea and lasts until midnight. The Sunday doesn't start too early and ends at about noon.  The celebrations shown here are just for the brides family.  The grooms family comes on the Sunday do a couple of dances and takes the bride away along with all her furniture(wedding gifts and dowry)to join their growing clan.

What did you have for your wedding meal? Chicken? Fish? Beef?


  1. Wow, that was a good feast. No shortage of food there, either! :) The Turkish weddings in Fethiye are becoming less traditional. We've been to two and they were both at local hotels. Set meals were served by the hotel and there was alcohol, too.

  2. Alot are becoming more westernised, that can also have its place though as people are busy or they dont want to plan a 3 day event. To each his own. I personally love the 3 day thing, every weekend here you can still here the pounding of the drums.

  3. I love the big pans, and the separated metal trays are a great idea too.
    I had a three course set meal at our wedding, but I wanted a sheep on a spit, and pavlovas- but my mum wanted a nicer affair!

  4. Spit and pavs would have been great! maybe on your 25th wedding anniversary.