Sunday, 29 May 2011

Sac Börek

We went to visit my sister in law and while we were there she made Sac Borek.  It is named after the implement it is cooked on the Sac.  The Sac is an inverted wok that is placed on a fire and the böreks are cooked on that.  Very easy and quick to make.

Making the dough with helpers
Getting the sac hot

Putting the boreks on the sac

The stick is used to turn the boreks over

Nearly ready


How can you make these at home? very easy.  There are various fillings you can make just like for Böreks.  Potato - Onion - Spinach and Cheese - Meat etc

500gr basic bread dough

4 large par boiled potatoes - grated
oil - splash
2 tbs sweet pepper/tomato paste

Mix all the filling ingredients together.  Take walnut sized balls of dough and roll out thinly into circles.  Take a couple of tbs of filling and spread over half the circle.  Fold over and close the circle so you have a semicirlce.  Cook on hot teflon frypan until a bit of colour comes onto the dough.

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  1. These look nice and her sac is big enough to do heaps instead of 1 at a time in a frypan. Great idea- unless it's raining!