Monday, 16 May 2011

Kadayif Noodles with Cheese - Künefe

Kadayif Noodles are very versitle you can use them to make quite a few tradditional deserts or using Turkish flavours can use them to make some interesting savories.This sweet noodle dish is a bit different to the others as there are no walnuts but still has the syrup added to it at the end. This is baked in a tray and filled with cheese.  Cheese and sugar! you say. Most people rave about this saying it is wonderful.  You will have to make it and try for yourselves or go to a Turkish restaraunt. 

500gr noodles
150-200gr processed cheese
4 tbsp butter or margarine
extra butter

3 cups sugar
2 cups water
pinch of citric acid or bit of lemon juice

Make the syrup first by boiling everything together for about 10 minutes until thick.

Take your noodles on a large tray or plate and seperate.  Whilst seperating them break them up into smaller pieces.  Melt the butter and when cool pour on top of the noodles.  Using your hands make sure the noodles are covered with the melted butter.  You need to use a small baking dish for this.  Get some extra butter, be generous and oil the dish. Take half of the noodles and press into the baking dish, press down firmly so it compacts.  Break up or grate the cheese and spread over the noodle layer.  Taking the rest of the noodles put ontop of the cheese.  Press down firmly again.  Some people will use a weight to compact the whole thing.  Cook this on the highest shelf in a moderate oven.  Once it is lightly brown take out and turn out on a large plate.    Butter the baking dish again and put the Künefe into it uncooked side up.  Place it again in the oven until lightly brown.  Take out of the oven and using a soup ladle.  Ladle the syrup over the Künefe.  The syrup will be soaked up by the desert.

Serve this warm with ice cream.

I found this interesting clip showing how the noodles are made.

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  1. I think would havr to be an aquired taste! Great clip though.