Monday, 11 July 2011

Bazaar, My local Markets

Come with me for a walk through my local Bazaar.  Its a Sunday afternoon and the streets are lined with people selling fresh fruits and veggies, cheeses, eggs, lentils, chickpeas, dried herbs and whatever is in season at the moment. Men, women and children all keen to sell thier wares all vying for everyones attention by yelling out the prices as loud as they can.

Serbetci - old tradditon of selling cold drinks

Walk down the other street and you will find dresses, shirts, trousers all flying high with tables piled with shoes and sandles.  Walk a bit more until we come to the kitchen and house wares where the ground is stacked with every sort of plastic container, pots, pans and probably everything you need for your kitchen.  People are elbowing thier way through the crowds, little kids hanging on eating corn on the cob or a green bean or two.  Older people are sitting in the shade of the park watching everything pass them by.

Vine leaf seller


Kitchen Dept


  1. The rainfall isnt the same here. We have monsoon type rain where as Turkey has light rain that lasts for the most 15 minutes. They think that is heavy. Those canvases you see over most of the stalls is enough to keep everyone dry. If it looks like it will rain all day or on and off usually it is cancelled as the majority of the people wont venture out.

  2. Thanks!! Well I usually like rain but of late I could really do with some "Turkey" rain. LOL

  3. I love markets like that. The food would be so fresh and obviously local! Who needs a sterile supermarket?