Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Poğaça, Little Savory Buns

Poğaça are little stuffed savory buns(rolls).  They can be filled with many things just like the various Böreks out there.  They can also come in various sizes and shapes.  There are many Poğaça recipes out there, this recipe is a good one as it is light and close to what you would find at the average Pastane.

A plate of Poğaça served to me at an afternoon tea

1 kilo flour
1 pkt yeast
1/4 cup oil
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp salt
2 eggs
hot water

Fetta or cottage cheese
Nigella seeds

If you have a kenwood or large electric mixer with a dough hook feel free to use that, if not you can easily make these by hand as I do.

Put the flour, yeast, oil, sugar, salt and one egg into a large container and then gradually add in some hot water(not boiling)until you have a nice soft dough.  Knead for several minutes until the dough has the texture of an earlobe.  Let this rest for 15 minutes.  Take large plum sized pieces and roll into balls.  Let this rest for another 15 minutes.  After they have rested take a ball and flatten out gently with your hand.  Take about 1tsp of cheese and place into the centre.  Roll up into a ball and repeat until all the dough has been used.  Using the other egg, whisk it and brush the poğaça gently with the egg then sprinkle with nigella seeds.  Let these sit for half an hour then place into a hot preheated oven and cook in a 200 degree oven until they are a nice light brown colour.

For those out there that are on a gluten free diet you could probably make these with a good quality gluten free flour.

Poğaça - Different shapes and textures but all one in the same.  The herbal ones at the back were very nice and they had a bit of potato in the dough.


  1. I love poğaça just for their convenience. We always take some out with us when we go trekking - easy to carry and easy to eat.

  2. They are great for when you are out and for little hands. With 2 toddlers these are perfect to take to the park etc. Our favourites are the spicy olive and cheese filling.

  3. These look like great picnic foods as it's all contained neatly together.

  4. They are. Bready with little filling makes them just right.