Friday, 22 July 2011

Kitchen Miracles, The Carob Tree

Carob is usually recognised for its use in baking as a chocolate substitue.  Some love it, some hate it.  I quite like it and have made many things using carob.  After coming to Turkey İ found out that they make Pekmez out of it as well.  Carob has come to my attention recently in regards to finding a natural remedy for asthma and broncial infections.  I again went to the famous herbalist Dr Saraoğlu and consulted his records regarding this and found out that Carob is very benificial for asthma and allergic asthma, plus a few other things.  He has a protocol to follow that he says can greatly reduce the symptoms.

Carob is native to the Eastern Mediteranien Area and has been cultivated here for thousands of years.  Some even say that John the Baptist ate carob pods while he was out in the wilderness. Carob is celebrated every year in Israel during the festival of Tu B'Shevat which is an annual festival celebrating trees. 

Carob is not only very nutrional for humans it can also be fed as a supplement to livestock.  Carob is full of vitamins A,B,D and E and packed with protein.  It has alot of fiber so is also said to be good for weight loss .

Carob will stop diaherra and constipation.  Carob can be used as a treatment to help prevent lung cancer.  Carob will increase sperm count, quality and movement.

This table was taken off Dr Saraçoğlus webpage listing the benefits of Carob
Ağrı kesici
Alerjiye karşı
Astıma karşı
Bakteri yok edici
Bronşite karşı
Kansere karşı
Karaciğeri toksinden arındırıcı
Serbest radikalleri yok edici
Bağışıklık sistemini stimüle eden
Mikroplara karşı etkili
Kansere karşı koruyucu
Nitrozamin yok edici
Bronş genişletici
Çocuk felcine karşı

The protocol for asthma uses the whole pod.

Get 6 - 7 carob pods and wash under cold water, break into 3cm to 4cm lengths then place into a kettle with half a litre of water.  Boil on a light to medium heat for 8 minutes.  When it cools strain and place into a glass bottle in your fridge.  This can be kept in your fridge for up to 3 days.  Drink 125ml every morning with breakfast and every evening before dinner.

Do this for 20 days.  Then after the 20 days continue for another 15 days.  So no break in between.  For the 15 days do the same thing morning and night but with one difference.  Add in half a teaspoon of honey in with the carob tea at breakfast time.  Just adding at breakfast not at night.

So for 20 days just the tea.  For 15 days after that the tea plus honey at breakfast time.

If you want do to this for your child just give them the tea at breakfast for the full 35 days.

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  1. I love carob and use carob poweder to make yummy hot drinks. I also remember eating carob blocks when I was little. My favourite treat at the markets is to buy a whole dried bananna that's been dipped in carob 'chocolate' and munch on that while I'm shopping. Yummm....