Sunday, 3 July 2011

Pekmez - Mulberry, Carob and Grape Syrup

Pekmez is the name given to the syrup made from either Mulberries, Carob pods and Grapes.  It is very very healthy even being prescribed by doctors to infants, children, the elderly, infirmed, pregnant women and various other illnesses.  Pekmez is widely available at the local supermarkets and bazaars or you can make them at home.  You need a quantity of either grape or mulberry juice.  I would start with 5 litres as you need to boil this down to syrup consitency thus reducing the end volume.

Mulberry juice boiling down
Boil the juice in a large saucepan, go from a rapid boil in the beginning to a gradual one until you reach the desired thickness.  Check on it throughout and using a spatula scrape down the sides of the saucepan.  That is all you have to do to make it.  Being a syrup it stores well without further processing.  If you made a few jars of pekmez you can water bath them for a better seal.

Dosnt this look delicous! 
People eat this by mixing pekmez in with tahini(sesame seed paste)for breakfast, drink it straight or mixed with a bit of water for a tonic.  You can use pekmez in various recipes instead of sugar as well.

Pekmez is an amazing product and very easy to make.  If you can get your hands on good quality grapes or mulberries I highly recomend trying it, replacing refind sugars in todays diet will play a big role in helping you towards a healthier diet.

Pekmez and Tahini are sold together sometimes.  This shows you how popular a staple it is for breakfast.

For those wanting to know Pekmez can be bought from most local supermarkets and small shops.  The price goes by the kilo usually and ranges from 6lira to 10.


  1. Yummm, bring some back with you!

  2. Does that mean you ARE coming back?? My Mulberry tree is looking sick this year I don't think it liked me moving the duck pen under it.

  3. You can eat the mulberry leaves and now youve learnt how to make a fantastic syrup from the fruit - move the duck pen! Yes I am as soon as the paperwork goes through.

  4. Yipee, It will be so good to have you back. I kind of have to have the duck pen there at the moment. I guess you remember the mulberry tree as just planted now it's higher than my stable. I picked a basket of Lemonade fruit today. Most of my citrus have died over the last couple of years from the wet.

  5. :) Yes will be good to be back too. Thats good growth I dont think much can kill them except for goats or larger livestock. Shame about the citrus there has been huge amounts of rainfall there so Im not surprised.

  6. Pekmez is AMAZING! And in combination with tahin (sesamseed oil) it is SUPERB! (most effective natural energizer in its purest and finest form) :))